Mikell Fine Iles
Hey there. I am a Brooklyn-based graphic designer with over 10 years professional experience. I am originally from San Francisco, CA. My first exposure to the arts was through community rallies and calls for justice. That early foundation informs my desire to have a sense of social awareness in my work.

I specialize in interaction design, information graphics, illustration, and brand identity. I am fascinated with geometry, color and typography, especially when these elements come together and merge with technology to produce work that moves others. This is the essence of who I am.

Here is a selected list of projects. I would like to hear from you. Say hi.
The And
Intel SciArt
GE Wonderground
Intel Progress
vitaminwater Uncapped
University of California
The Parks of the World
Pandora Infographic
Little Kaiju Movie Poster
Karen Memorial Poster
Intel Social Content
Intel SciArt Poster: Lift
Smirnoff Purification
More Murals
Sudan Awareness
WeWork Brand System
Muzik Headphones
Panasonic Jungle
Oil Fix